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A summer walk with polar bears at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Robert Postma photo.

A summer walk with polar bears at Seal River Heritage Lodge. Robert Postma photo.

by Vanessa Descorcy

1. Walk with polar bears

From July through November, you can stay at one of Churchill Wild’s three fly-in wilderness ecolodges and participate in daily guided treks through polar bear country. Polar bears in the summer? Yes! Because our lodges are located right on the Hudson Bay coast, we’re directly in the path of the bears as they come ashore in early summer after their hunting season ends.

Summer and early fall on the tundra are magical seasons in which to view polar bears. July and August bring stunning purple fireweed, pristine white polar bears, and warmer weather. In September, the tundra comes alive with the colourful hues of autumn, the sky fills with migratory birds, and longer nights bring the promise of northern lights.

In October and November, a hush falls over the coastline as the snow starts to fall and the temperature drops. The landscape becomes a sea of white as Arctic fox and hare don their winter camouflage and the polar bears become nearly indistinguishable from their surroundings.

Which polar bear safari will you choose?

Northern lights at Nanuk.

Northern lights at Nanuk. Columbia Sportswear photo.

2. Watch the northern lights dance

There’s something otherworldly about being in the middle of nowhere, gazing up at the sky, and seeing the northern lights dance and jump above you in bursts of green and purple.

Situated at the 58th parallel, there’s always a chance of seeing the northern lights when you’re at one of Churchill Wild’s lodges, far from everything except the raw beauty of nature. For the best viewing opportunities, book in the latter part of the season, from September through November.

The aurora borealis have spawned myths and legends, superstitions and omens, but one thing everyone can agree on: they are truly awe-inspiring to experience.

Read more about our northern lights shows here.

Northern lights at Tundra Camp on the Arctic Safari. Jad Davenport photo.

Northern lights at Tundra Camp on the Arctic Safari. Jad Davenport photo.

3. Glamp under the stars in the Canadian Barren Lands

During Churchill Wild’s Arctic Safari in September, you can go glamping in the Barren Lands and explore this untouched corner of the world.

Way up in northernmost Manitoba, near the Nunavut border, sits Schmok Lake Tundra Camp, a temporary cozy glamping site that a maximum of 36 guests get to visit each year.

As National Geographic photographer and photojournalist Jad Davenport describes in his story, Creatures of the Tundra, “There are no trails out here; we simply follow ancient caribou paths and spend hours roaming over the low granite-capped ridges. Each summit offers another never-ending panorama.”

Learn more about the Arctic Safari.

Wolf at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Robert Postma photo.

Wolf at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Robert Postma photo.

4. Howl with wolves

Perched on the edge of the Boreal Forest, Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge offers an opportunity to view one of the world’s most elusive and mysterious creatures, the Arctic wolf.

We can interact with the wolves by howling back and forth with them. Wolves howl to communicate with distant members of their own pack to announce their presence to neighboring packs, and sometimes, just because the mood (or moon!) seems to strike them.

Generally, wolf packs range in number from five to nine individuals, the exact number depending on prey availability and size. At Nanuk, we’ve seen packs as large as 15-20!

Wolves are intelligent creatures with highly organized social systems and they are an integral part of the Arctic ecosystem.

Ever fallen asleep to the sounds of wolves howling outside your window? Join our Hudson Bay Odyssey for a chance to experience it!

Nature has amazing healing powers. Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Ann Fulcher photo.

Nature has amazing healing powers. Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Ann Fulcher photo.

5. Wellness in the Wilderness

Spending time in nature is one of the most restorative activities a person can engage in, while connecting with wildlife is one of the most exhilarating. Now imagine you can combine those two activities with a wellness and mindfulness practice!

Churchill Wild’s brand new Wildlife and Wellness safari does exactly that. Four glorious days in the wilds of northern Manitoba, hiking, meditating, being led in yoga, Pilates and boot camp classes, and communing with wolves, moose, and polar bears are what this new trip is all about.

Joining us to lead guests in fitness and wellness activities is Corrina Anne-Poss of Limitless Motion. Based in Calgary, Corrina is certified in multiple modalities including Stott Pilates, Fletcher Pilates, reflexology, massage, and Qigong. Corrina believes strongly in the mind-body-spirit connection, and what better way to explore this connection than in the restorative wilderness surrounding Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, homes base for this new safari.

Please email us for more information about our new Wildlife and Wellness safari, or any of our other wilderness safaris.

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