Sue Brown, Administrative Specialist

With an artistic flair and an enviable head of red hair, Sue Brown fills the roles of Graphic Designer and Office Administrator for Churchill Wild. Since 2014, she has been instrumental in putting Churchill Wild’s best foot (paw?) forward. Her biggest achievements with us include revamping our logo to celebrate our 25th anniversary, designing a billboard that was displayed in Times Square, a comprehensive set of brand guidelines and countless ads in high end publications.

Sue can always be found flawlessly creating flow and harmony throughout the company and this is invaluable during our busy season. It’s no surprise that multitasking and adaptability are two of her strengths, but it’s her creativity and cheerful demeanour that make her an irreplaceable team member.

In addition to the two roles she fills at the office, Sue is mom to two beautiful girls and wife to Jason. She has lived in six different cities in her life, three of them being south of the Canadian border in the USA. Although she never thought she’d move back to Winnipeg, in 2008, after being away for 15 years, she and her family did.

At the age of 40, after being a stay-at-home mom for more than 12 years, Sue conquered her fears and went back to school to study graphic design, which we’ve benefitted from time and time again since she joined our team.

During her third year with Churchill Wild, Sue travelled to Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge and had her first polar bear encounter. Even after the thousands of photos she’s seen come across her desk, the real thing left her speechless.