Nolan Booth, Director of Operations

Nolan Booth comes from a family of outdoor adventurers, which has served him well in his role as our Director of Operations. Nolan is a cousin to our co-founder, Jeanne Reimer, and growing up in Churchill, he spent a lot of time at Dymond Lake Lodge, which was owned at the time by Jeanne’s parents.

Officially, Nolan has been with us since 2008, when he started part-time as a lodge manager, joining his wife Doreen on the Churchill Wild team. In 2013, we brought him on board full-time in his current role.
His early work background guiding beluga whale tours for a company in Churchill, working construction and dabbling in electrical lends itself well to his current role. In his teen years he did odd jobs repairing snowmobiles and cars. And later in life worked for MTS on communications systems, all which make him well suited for his career at Churchill Wild.

Shortly after Nolan joined the company, Mike and Jeanne purchased our newest and most remote property, Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge. Nolan was the brains—and some of the brawn—behind Nanuk’s rebuild, which spanned two seasons. Nanuk is a beautifully designed lodge and Nolan’s proudest professional accomplishment.
He’s currently focused on learning all he can about power systems so that he can quadruple our capacity for solar power. In the off-season, he plans renovations and enhancements that will improve the guests’ overall Churchill Wild experience.

Despite all the logistical and operational challenges that come with running remote northern lodges, when asked about his career and which job has been his favourite, there’s no hesitation. “This one.”