Doreen Booth, Sales & Guest Relations Manager

As our Manager of Sales and Guest Relations, Doreen spends much of her life telling the story of Churchill Wild. She has been an integral part of the Churchill Wild team since 2007, but her ties go back nearly 25 years to when she married Nolan Booth.

She was between jobs when asked about joining the team. With no training, Doreen jumped into the job mid-season. Her background in finance allowed her to turn it into a model of efficiency while providing highly personal service. Today, Doreen and her team manage nearly 800 bookings each season and still make time to treat each guest like family.

Doreen is a model ambassador for Churchill Wild, spending her days helping guests find their perfect itinerary, and explaining how we safely walk with polar bears, something she’s grateful to be able to do herself — though that wasn’t always the case. When she started with the company, Doreen often relied on a wheelchair, due to undiagnosed rheumatoid arthritis. In 2009, her doctors started her on a regimen that allowed her to leave the wheelchair behind and live the dream of walking with polar bears.

Doreen’s favourite place to visit is Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge alongside Nolan and their two boys, Caden and Shelby. Her time at Nanuk is reminiscent of the early days of their marriage when they lived in the Yukon and spent weekends camping, fishing and savouring the great outdoors. Being able to watch guests experience their first moment on ground level with a polar bear is something she cherishes most in her job with Churchill Wild.