Courtney Horwood, Sales Assistant

Courtney has been a killer Sales Assistant for us since 2015. As Doreen’s steadfast right hand, she has brought superior customer service, organizational skills and an attention to detail to the position — all important when handling a client’s dream vacation with polar bears.

Courtney spends her time in the office answering guests’ inquiries, confirming all the details required for a perfect safari, organizing guests’ pre-trip packages, prepping for sales conferences, and ensuring smooth sailing throughout our safari season. She also often hosts our welcome dinners in Winnipeg, being the first point of contact our guests have with Churchill Wild.

To satisfy her creativity and balance out the detail-oriented administrative side of her brain, Courtney spends a lot of time indulging her love of the arts. A dancer for many years, Courtney now focuses on other creative outlets such as jewelry making and music.
Growing up, her summers were spent on the eastern shore of Lake Winnipeg, which is where she developed a love for all the beauty that Manitoba has to offer. This led her to pursue a degree in Tourism Management from Red River College so that she could share her passion for the province with visitors from around the world.

Courtney has a gentle heart for all animals and a love for all critters practically oozes out of her, particularly when it comes to dogs — and, of course, polar bears. Her favourite experience with Churchill Wild was seeing her first polar bear in the wild. “To walk in harmony with the largest land carnivore on earth was without a doubt the most magical moment of my life,” Courtney says.