Andy MacPherson, Guide Manager

Andy MacPherson’s passion for wildlife, particularly bears, led him to be a Churchill Wild guide over a decade ago. His enthusiasm for lifelong learning and dedication to the company has earned him the position of Guide Manager here at Churchill Wild. Growing up on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Andy lived on a hobby farm surrounded by dogs, cats, pigs, sheep and more. It was here that he developed the skills to work with animals and the desire to educate others about their behaviours.

Andy took the job with Churchill Wild thinking he’d be working exclusively with polar bears and beluga whales. Over the years he’s also had the opportunity to walk among black bears, wolves, moose, woodland caribou and other Arctic critters. Andy is a part of developing new safaris and works as a citizen scientist, perhaps his favourite part of the job, apart from wildlife encounters.
Prior to becoming a wildlife guide, Andy spent three years working in marine science and, throughout that time, spent a year in the field working on and off a research vessel.

Andy loves being able to meet people from around the world and hear their stories. He jumps at opportunities to visit guests in their homeland, the most recent of which included invitations to view tigers in India and to observe an unphotographed population of brown bears in Slovakia.

Andy’s biggest adventure in his career is either wrangling belugas in Hudson Bay, catching crocodiles in Belize, or nearly floating away on a pan of ice while working in the high Arctic.