Testimonials and Guest Reviews

We love to hear stories from our guests about their experiences with Churchill Wild. And they are awesome, see below!

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Birds, Bears & Belugas Testimonials

“Our recent experience at the summer wilderness lodge of Churchill Wild was a once in a lifetime adventure for two Aussies from Perth. Walking within 50 metres of wild polar bears who are lumbering around the rocks and tundra of Hudson Bay waiting out the summer until the ice returns. So close to a polar bear who was very curious but not threatening when he came up close the our lodge windows and fence. The experience of overcoming a fear of water to swim in a dry suit in the Arctic Ocean with Beluga whales! Singing louding through my snorkle attracted many past my goggles as I was pulled behind the zodiak. Everything about the experience exceeded all our expectations. My husband and I will NEVER forget our time at Seal River Lodge and our fabulous hosts MiKe and Jeannie Reimer and their talented family for whom nothing was too much trouble and everything was first class! Our experience was worth EVERY cent and we will tell everyone about our amazing time at Seal River Lodge. ”
Catherine B., Perth, Australia

“This place is amazing! I don’t want to go home. We had about 7 bears on our first day and lost count overall. Plenty of belugas – especially underwater! Loads of birds & awesome food! My only complaint is the boxes to put your comments in aren’t big enough!..Andy & Terry are brilliant…”
Sam Gore, Berkshire, England

“Awesome bears, people and location!! Great job and keep on lodging, We’ll keep on coming!”
Nicola, Maria, Meg and Alessia Kettlitz of Vancouver, BC

“There Once Were 2 Guides Oh So Merry
Everyone Loved Andy And Terry
We Saw Belugas And Bears,
Caribou And Hares
Now Fond Memories Of Them We Will Carry.”
Dixie Schwanke of Nanaimo, BC

“A Magical Experience. Polar bears on land and sea every day. Whales to stroke!! Food excelllent.”
William and Sue Hoare of Aberfeldy, United Kingdom

“This was a trip of a lifetime. The polar bears were incredible, Belugas awesome & great guides”
Paula Curtin of Big Timber, Montana, USA

“Thank you for 2 wonderful weeks – Much better than our very high expectations! Awesome everything!!
Peter and Frances Money of Toronto, On

Great Ice Bear Tour Testimonials

“We stayed in the lodge for the Great Ice Bear Adventure in November 2013 and had a wonderful time. The lodge has good facilities, the food is amazing. The guides (and guards) did a great job walking with us through the snow and ice-covered tundra spotting bears and other arctic wildlife. They also shared stories and pictures in the evenings. Everyone was friendly, helpful and made us feel at home in a very exotic location.”
F. Meister, United Kingdom

“Today is my first day back in the office and I have to say it has been a tough day back with my mind often drifting to the bears!”
“I have to say a huge thank you to you and all the team at Churchill Wild for the most amazing holiday ever! We loved every minute of it and can’t wait to come back some day. Jeanne and Mike and all the team were brilliant and the food was just amazing.”
Sean Brosnan, Dublin Ireland

“What an amazing experience! Will never forget this! Thanks for making it so incredible.”
Andrew and Deborah Thick, Panorama, South Australia

“Absolutely fantastic. Beyond our wildest expectations plus superb food and help.”
John and Jean Buchan, England

“A wonderful experience in a terrific location. Being “right there” with the bears is sensational.”
Carolyn and Terry Murphy, Portland, OR

“Wonderful – wonderful! It exceeded all my expectations – Thanks you so much!”
Debbie Winchester, Indiana

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge Testimonials

“I have been traveling non-stop for three years around the world, had plenty of beautiful experiences and encounters, but my stay at Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is the best trip of my life. I couldn’t believe we were walking towards polar bears and cubs and watching northern lights every night! All my respect to the gifted guides, Andy and Butch, who promote a non-intrusive approach towards polar bears and wildlife. They know perfectly their job, love deeply the artic environment and share so much with people around them. We have watched so many northern lights, polar bears, black bears, beautiful birds and awe-inspiring landscapes. Besides I appreciate deeply the family atmosphere, the delicious and tasty food (so fresh!), the will of the team to share their knowledge and their love for this unique place.”
Lili G., Berlin, Germany

“Arrive Nanuk Lodge with no expectations and embrace the experience of everything you will see and do. I did not expect to see everything that I saw–was even surprised. When we arrived there was a polar bear near the runway and it only got better. A large polar bear hung out either in front of the lodge everyday or at the back fence. A black bear came to visit almost daily and the polar bear would stand up and just one look sent the black bear running. I have never seen a black bear run so fast. Then there was the black wolf–that was a real treat. The skunk was cute. Did I mention the mom with the cub? Then there was the moose bull and cow. Millions of migrating birds. Sunrises and sunsets that keep me outside watching as the colors changed. Oh and the Aurora Borealis — very nice. Andy and Butch are great guides. Nolan was charming. Kalie and her husband, Riley, made the most wonderful meals and the gals in the kitchen were so sweet and accommodating.”
Susie G., Washington USA

We have already been in many nature places in this world. We have seen the lions in Africa; the tigers in India; the grizzlies in Alaska; orangutans in Borneo; the penguins in the Antarctic; but one of the most beautiful places is Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge with their many polar bears. We were overwhelmed to experience so many, so close. We thank the entire staff who made these special days a wonderful experience.
Marlies & Hartmut Thierfelder and Marlies & Siegfried Neubüser, Hamburg, Germany

Polar Bear Photo Safari Testimonials

“This has to be the ultimate polar bear experience that is accessible for photographers. It takes place at the Seal River lodge which is very comfortable and roomy. The food is good and the guest rooms are bigger than might be expected in such a remote location.But the main reason that you go there is for the polar bears and we saw many. The lodge is in a great location with one bear (as far as humans can tell bears apart) around most of the time and others transiting through. We got got quite close to some of the bears (10m) and took many photos of them sleeping, walking, frolicking and sparring. The guides were excellent in terms of their knowledge and in providing a safe experience.”
G.K. and E.C., Canberra Australia

“Bears, bears and still more bears!!!  Never expected to see so many, let alone to actually walk among them – a truly amazing experience.  Everything else (and there was plenty) was just icing on the cake.”
Jolyne D’Ambrosio, Boston

“We had a superb time on the trip, everybody I dealt with either via email or during the trip was brilliant and very professional.  It was the most amazing trip we have ever taken!  And given have a chance, we’ll be back again in the future!”
Mark Capilitan, Ireland