Toni Morberg, CEO

Churchill Wild’s CEO, Toni Morberg, has come a long way from her childhood days of hopping boulders, dodging polar bears and chasing lemmings on the Hudson Bay coast.

Toni’s youth included attending Brownies, playing baseball and hockey, bowling, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. It also included working at her parents’ lodges, where the self-described “fiery” redhead learned by doing and showed early signs of wanting to be in charge.

Exposure to polar bear tourism came at an early age, as Toni and her sisters grew up meeting with polar bears at Dymond Lake Ecolodge.

Toni and her husband Nelson joined the family business in 2002 and, after a 2007 move to Calgary, continued working with Churchill Wild until 2009. Nelson found employment as a pilot, while Toni mastered a bakery business. In 2017 Toni assumed the role of CEO for Churchill Wild.

Based primarily in Calgary, Toni spends her days planning and strategizing for the future of the company and leading the team. “We’re coordinating a lot of talented people to provide a rare connection to nature and what really matters in life,” says Toni.

Toni’s passion for health and wellness, her love of nature and the fact that she has performed every job in the company has its advantages. “One of our responsibilities is to find ways to help people make connections between their actions, the health of the planet and their own wellbeing,” says Toni. “They leave our lodges with more self awareness and as better stewards of the earth.”