Steve Schellenberg, Guide

Steve Schellenberg is another of our stellar polar bear guides. He’s been guiding with us for about 10 years and still feels exceptionally fortunate to experience incredible wildlife encounters year-after-year. It also doesn’t hurt to return to a warm lodge full of fresh and delicious food after each hike.

Originally from Manitoba, Steve now lives on a remote island in British Columbia where he’s building himself an off-grid cabin, kayaking, running zodiacs, and leading grizzly bear and whale watching tours.

Steve has lived a global life, leading history, photography and painting tours. His adventurous pursuits have allowed him to guide on the barrier reef cays, the whitewater rivers of Belize, and along the picturesque coast of New Zealand. In addition to his time spent in Canada with polar bears, Steve also runs trips to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands.

Steve’s personal pursuits run the gamut from wildlife photography and conservation to ice hockey (he’s a member of his local team, the “Quadra Island Old Growth”), from sailing his own 30-ft boat to skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking. Just to mx things up, occasionally he’ll plan his “warm” holidays around sunshine and surfing.
One might wonder what continues to excite someone who lives such an adventurous life. The answer, Steve says, is being able to share his knowledge of Hudson Bay’s history and ecosystems and interpreting the behaviour of polar bears for fellow adventurer travelers from around the world.