Jody Steeves, Guide

Jody first dipped her toes into the waters of Churchill Wild back in 2016, joining our construction crew for a brief 10-day stint at Seal River Heritage Lodge. She fell in love with the wild Hudson Bay coast almost immediately and inquired about extending her stay. That summer she became a key fixture of our hospitality team and has been with us ever since.

Over the last couple of years, Jody has worked hard to get all the necessary qualification to be a polar bear guide, the role she now fills. Previous experience as both a grizzly guide with the Commercial Bear Viewing Association and as a kayak guide have been integral to her success with us.

Born and raised just south of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Jody was regularly exposed to the northern lights, but seeing them in the wide-open skies above Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is her favourite Churchill Wild moment. It was a visceral experience for her, the waves of light appearing so close she could almost reach out and touch them.

Jody’s favourite part of being a guide for us is observing a guest’s face the moment “the wild takes them.” That moment of surrender where regular life falls away and responsibilities are forgotten, if even just for a few days. She believes (and we agree!) that the wild waits in us all.

When not fulfilling one of her guiding roles, Jody considers herself a full-time auntie, splitting her time between Vancouver Island and southern Manitoba. She loves singing—particularly Stevie Nicks—hiking, surfing, and enjoying the great outdoors.