Adam Pauls, CEO

Adam Pauls

Adam has been a part of the greater Churchill Wild family since the age of 14, when he landed a job working at North Knife Lake Lodge, a fishing resort owned by the family of our co-founder, Jeanne Reimer.

He spent a few summers as a do-whatever-needs-to-be-done employee, learning the ins and outs of remote lodge operations, customer service, and family-run businesses.

His own family owned a kitchen and bath company and that soon became his focus. He dove into learning that business, working in the shop, scheduling projects, and crunching numbers in the accounting department. After graduating from the Asper School of Business with an honours degree in finance, Adam continued adding to his responsibilities in the company until ultimately becoming CEO in 2015.

Through his longstanding relationship with Mike and Jeanne Reimer, Adam learned of the opportunity to come be a part of the Churchill Wild team, and after nearly a year of preparations to ensure both businesses would prosper from the move, it all become a reality at the beginning of 2021.

Adam lives just outside Winnipeg with his wife, who he says is the smartest person he knows, and their young daughter. He loves nothing more than spending time with friends and family in the great outdoors, making him an excellent fit for our team!