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Packing Guidelines

The number one rule of thumb is: pack light! Space is extremely limited on the flight out to the Lodge so it’s important to pack accordingly. Guests are allowed one (1) soft-sided duffel bag (such as the ones linked to below) that has dimensions (L + W + H) totaling less than 55 inches (140 cm) and weighs no more than 50 lbs. Guests are also allowed 1 or 2 carry-on bags not exceeding 20 lbs. Carry-on bags should contain essentials such as medication, cash, and personal identification.  You will go through security during your time with us and the liquids rule is in place – Liquids, gels or aerosols in containers 100 ml / 100 g (3.4 oz.) or less.

Click the link below to find details about packing for your Churchill Wild Safari:

What to Bring Checklist – Summer

What to Bring Checklist – Fall

Examples of Churchill Wild approved duffel bags:


LL Bean –



eTA Requirement


Canada implemented an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) program. The eTA is a new entry requirement for air travellers from countries that currently DO NOT need a visa to visit Canada (excluding US citizens).This program is similar to the United States’ Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) program, and Australia’s Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) program.

Here is what you need to know about the eTA if you are traveling to Canada:

The Government of Canada’s official website to apply for an eTA. It only costs $7 CAD. Most eTA applications are approved within minutes of applying.

New entry requirement now in effect: visa-exempt foreign nationals who fly to or transit through Canada are expected to have an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Exceptions include U.S. citizens and travellers with a valid Canadian visa. Travellers who do not have an eTA can board their flight, as long as they have appropriate travel documents, such as a valid passport.  Click to find answers to your questions about the leniency period . Entry requirements for other methods of travel (land, sea) have not changed.

Click here to make an application


Temperature & Precipitation

Average High 63F / 17C 61F / 16C 48F / 9C 34F / 1C 16F / -9C
Average Low 44F / 7C 45 / 7C 37 / 3C 24F / -4C 3F / -16C
Avg. Precipitation (in) 2 3 3 2 1
Average High 70F / 21C 67F / 19C 52F / 11C 38F / 3C 17F / -8C
Average Low 49F / 9C 46F / 8C 36F / 2C 25F / -4C 3F / -16C
Avg. Precipitation (in) 3 3 2 2 2
Average High 79F / 26C 77F / 25C 64F /18C 54F /12C 32F / 0C
Average Low 55F / 13C 52F / 11C 43F / 6C 30F / -1C 12F / -11C
Avg. Precipitation (in) 3 3 2 1 1

Weather data –


Map of Churchill

Points of Interest in Churchill, Manitoba

  1. Churchill Wild Expeditor Office
  2. Tundra Inn
  3. Polar Inn and Sea North Tours
  4. Hudson Bay Helicopters
  5. Lazy Bear Lodge and Café
  6. Seaport Hotel and Restaurant
  7. Arctic Trading Company
  8. Tundra Inn Dining Room
  9. VIA Train Station & Parks Canada Museum
  10. The Northern Store – Check out prices of life in the north.
  11. Itsanitaq Museum – Home to one of the oldest and most comprehensive collections of Inuit artifacts.
  12. Post Office – Get your passport stamped with the polar bear postal stamp!
  13. Town Complex – Constructed in 1976, this building houses the local school, library, hospital, curling rink, arena, swimming pool, cafeteria and theatre. Check out the ‘Old Timer’s Wall of Fame’ and don’t forget to go see the giant inukshuk located on the beach trail behind the complex.

Don’t miss some of these amazing sites in and just beyond the town’s limits.

Sea Walls – Sea Walls festivals take place around the world to inspire communities and raise awareness for ocean health and conservation. In June of 2017, 18 artists from around the world descended on Churchill and left behind a stunning series of murals in and around town. Ask your Churchill guide to give you the tour!
Cape Merry – Catch a cab to Cape Merry, a great locale for watching freeze up. There are usually park staff there for questions and answers.
Miss Piggy – A crashed C46 aircraft located on the rocks of the Bay along the “back road” scenic tourist route.
The Ithaca Shipwreck – 12 miles east of Churchill sits the MV Ithaca. It ran aground near Bird Cove September 14, 1960. The ship sits high and dry when tide is out and is completely surrounded by water when the tide is in.

Additional Information


We have incorporated an optional pre-paid gratuity to the booking process by adding it to our booking form.  There is now a box on the booking form outlining the option for pre-paid gratuities as a convenience for our guests.  This gratuity will be shared with the Lodge staff serving you during your departure, as well as the ground handlers in Churchill.  The recommended amount is 5% of the package price (not including tax).  If you prefer, you can opt to pay with cash at the Lodge at the end of your safari.

Wine & Liquor at the Lodge

Wine and beer is served with appetizers and at meals.

If you have a favorite spirit, you are welcome to bring it with you but keep in mind that it will count towards your luggage allowance.


We can arrange the following add-ons to your Churchill Wild adventure:

Winter gear rentals

We now do the winter gear in house.  If you rent the full package it comes with insulated winter boots, insulated pants and a winter parka.  The cost of the full gear package is $77 plus 12% tax per day per person.  If you only want to rent individual items that can be done as well (parka $33/day plus tax, boots $22/day plus tax and pants $22/day plus tax). You will still need to bring along winter hat, scarf, and mitts as these items cannot be rented. We have a selection that can be purchased at the hotel and the lodges.

The equipment we provide at the Lodge such as rain gear, rubber boots, winter gear, beluga swim equipment are designed to fit guests from child to adult. Boot sizes larger than a men’s size 13 or a very small child are considered to be customize sizes that we do not provide. Additionally guests over 6’4” may be required to bring their own gear as we may not have clothing sizes to fit.



Helicopter Tours

We can arrange helicopter tours through Prairie Helicopters in Churchill. Please inquire for details.

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