Emri Canvin, Guide

Polar bear guide Emri Canvin has spent the better part of his life outdoors. Growing up on the rugged and beautiful Canadian Shield, he developed a desire for exploration. From swimming with whale sharks in the tropics, to winter expeditions through the Canadian North, Emri developed a true appreciation for the diversity that mother nature has to offer.

His experience as a lodge manager and guide has seen him perched at the floe edge waiting for Narwhal, navigating icebergs in search of polar bears, sailing the Northwest passage and hosting a film crew in the northernmost reaches of Canada. Of course, for Churchill Wild, he spends his time walking with polar bears while exploring the fringe of the taiga forest along the Hudson Bay shoreline.

Outdoor pursuits have been his passion from an early age and have taken him to truly awe-inspiring locations such as York Factory, Baffin Island and Greenland. Emri also has a love of the water and is as comfortable in a kayak or canoe as he is on land. He’s a certified rescue diver and has worked as an introductory kayaking instructor.

Though he’s an explorer at heart, his heart belongs first and foremost to Canada. His passion for polar bears and wild places comes through in the way he speaks about the creatures and history of the regions he spends his time in. Emri’s gentle spirit and laid-back personality make staff and guests feel immediately at ease around him and make him an ideal conduit for enabling guests to commune with wildlife safely and intimately.